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Water is a necessity for almost all house chores. In colder areas, people need water heaters more than any other appliances. Some new water heaters have distinctive features which make them more efficient. If you’re facing problems with your old water heater, Mesa plumbing company can replace it for you.

When should you replace your water heater?

While choosing the best water heater to replace your old one, you need to consider the following requirements to be checked prior to installation:

  • Recovery rate: what is the number of gallons the water heater will heat per hour?
  • Dimensions: the new water heater’s width and length which should match the old one’s dimensions to fit in the space.
  • Gallon capacity: which is usually 40-50 gallons and chosen according to the need.
  • Energy efficiency rating: make sure the sticker on the heater lists the estimation of annual cost for a unit of operation.

Energy efficiency needs to be checked because energy consumption is being optimized. In these advanced times, of course the water heater shutoff isn’t the only solution to save energy.

If the dimensions are small and you want a better heater to be replace your old one, Bradford white water heater and Rheem water heater are an option for you. These can be fixed in a compact place too.

Water heater selection

The gas and electric water heaters are the two types of conventional heaters available in the market. The Electric water heaters can be used nearly anywhere. They have better recovery rates but due to their expensive energy consumption people usually prefer the gas heaters especially at homes. A Gas water heater is used where there are other appliances that use the same fuel, such as a stove or furnace.

Problems in water heaters and their avoidance

  • You can detect a gas leak in the water heater by dish wash liquid and soap bubbles. If you feel a leak either get the same heater repaired or get water heater replacement done.
  • A life expectancy of a water heater is usually 8-12 years. However, in 10 years time, serious problems can occur due to the environmental conditions. In this case, repairing it will be the best option.
  • If a pressure release valve leaks it is highly advised to get it replaced with a new one. The trick is to pull the valve’s handle and snap it back. If water thrusts in to the drainpipe then the valve is working well, otherwise not.
  • Damages are caused to the tank with overheated water. To avoid the damage, change the thermostat setting to 120 degrees if the temperature is higher. The tank can bear this much temperature.

You can replace your old heater with a new one in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, or more places catered by Mesa Plumbing Company. They can guide you about everything to get your heater replaced according to your needs. Nearly all services related to water heaters or plumbing are catered by their professional plumbers.

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