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The desert of Phoenix, Arizona has been providing residents with drinking water and its common to see people asking, “Is this water healthy to drink? Where does it come from?” These questions are common because of the quality and taste of the water which is delivered into people’s homes from the desert.

Millions of people seem concerned about the outdated water treatments, old pipes and pollution as they can threaten the city’s systems of drinking water. Well, why shouldn’t they? These factors can all potentially lead to illnesses.

That being said, we should look into why filtering your water in Phoenix is of crucial importance.

Water Issues in the Phoenix Area

You may already know that there is a lack of fresh sources of water or mountain springs near the Phoenix area. Due to this, the poor quality of water has always been a topic of discussion for the locals. This is also why Mesa Plumbing Company came up with the agenda to address the issue.

The problem of water in the Phoenix area is not just limited to the smell of tap water or its mushy taste. Without filtering your water in Phoenix or getting the help of the experts, you may actually be drinking something that is quite unhealthy to consume.

Experts at Mesa Plumbing Company have found the following issues in the water quality of phoenix:

1) - Ingesting Chlorine

The water regulation authorities of Phoenix have made it compulsory to disinfect water before it reaches the distribution systems which provide water to all the homes. This regulation is in place because of the harmful microbial activity that has been noticed in the water of Phoenix.

In order to address this issue, the city of Phoenix uses chlorine. They use water chlorination to disinfect all kinds of growing bacteria in the unfiltered water. While this process has been used for hundreds of years to disinfect water, chlorination changes the smell and taste of water.

Experts at Mesa Plumbing Company agree that this is quite an economical disinfectant, but consuming too much chlorinated water can also lead to severe illnesses. So if you aren’t filtering your water in Phoenix, then you are potentially exposing yourself to dangerous health risks. Also, while you’re doing so, you’re sipping away at disgusting and foul tasting water.

2) - Water Hardness

Did you know that the city of Phoenix uses groundwater for their watering system? This is used in place of recycled water that flows upstream – as is the case in most other cities. We agree that recycled water tends to consist of pharmaceutical and industrial pollutants, but ground water varies quite a lot too in terms of quality.

Ground water is usually collected for aquifers by using extracting water from permeable rocks that bear water. That said, the most common problem with this source of water is that it has an extremely high rate of water hardness.

This is so because of the metals found in the extracted water such as Arsenic, Salinity, Copper and Lead among so many more. If the drinker is exposed very high amounts of these toxic substances, then they have a high chance of facing blood disorders or kidney damage.

Naturally, the city does its best to remove all of these contaminants from the water but this issue can be totally resolved by filtering your water in Phoenix.

3) - Algae Growth

Algae growth use nutrients that are found in lakes in order to charge their own energy and grow even more due to their natural processes. Unfortunately enough, it is the large levels of nutrients in the water that encourage algae growth in the first place.

This vicious cycle is what causes the tap water in Phoenix to taste mushy and the late summer months bring about the largest growth of algae. Over a period of time, algae tends to decay and emit unappealing and strong tastes and odors.

Well, the city does have processes in place to kill all the algae that occurs in water during the peak growth periods. But why does the odor and taste still occur? This is a mystery to the locals and Mesa Plumbing Company and we highly recommend filtering your water in Phoenix.

Benefits of Filtering your water in Phoenix

1) - Improved Odors and Tastes

Filtering your water in Phoenix will not only improve the appearance of the water you consume, but will also improve the overall experience. What’s more? Filtered water won’t even pose health concern to everyone who consumes it.

2) - Reduced Film Residue or Scum

You may have noticed that excess mineral deposits are always left behind when the tap water dries. This is because of the mineral hardness of the water and filtered water won’t bring about such results. You won’t find your dishes dirty even though you had cleaned them thoroughly before storing them.

3) - Less Dry Skin Problems

You tend to notice the problems of unfiltered water in your kitchen sink, but naturally the same water is present in all the other faucets of your home. The same chlorinated water comes out of bathroom sinks and showers – causing homeowners problems like dull hair, dry skin, eczema and even rashes.

So filtering your water in Phoenix will ultimately reduce these negative effectives. We’re talking better looking skin and less money spent on professional hair care!

Get a Water Filtration System Installed In Your Home

Fresh and clean water is something you shouldn’t have to live without. Mesa Plumbing Company has a lot of experience in terms of water filtration and how to get rid of contaminants.

Now that you know what you’re benefitting from because of water filtration system in Phoenix, you should only trust the best for an installation. Go ahead and visit our website for more information or call us at (480)-832-1660.

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