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The leaks from plumbing fixtures, fittings, pipes etc are a great source of water wastage. Research shows that on average a house can lose up to 2000 to 20,000 gallons every year. Dripping faucets are not the only leaks you should be on the lookout for.

Meter Check for Leaks

Larger leaks or a whole combination of smaller ones can easily be detected by a water meter. If you make use of a water meter you can easily check for a leak by:

  1. Turn off all the taps.
  2. Record the water meter reading before and after the duration of 15 minutes.
  3. If the meter has recorded water usage then a leak is the most probable cause.

This meter can only detect significant leaks. You may not be able to seek out roof leaks, yard leaks, slab water leaks, and isolating valves and street parking lot leaks.

The problem with smaller leaks is that when ignored they grow into bigger ones.

The Water Supply Line Leaks

It does not necessarily have to mean that there is a leak inside your home. A leak could probably be situated somewhere between the meter and your home. Sometimes leaking water goes back the pipe to the meter box. Therefore if the box has this it is because of leaking water. Another place that this water gathers is the spot where the supply line enters the house.

Tub Leaks, Shower, and Faucet

Faucets are a common occurrence and very easy to fix. A faucet that drips by a drop every their second wastes a thousand gallon per year. The repairs that you need to stop the leak depend on the basic types of valves that you may have installed at home. These include the compression valve, the ceramic discs, the cartridge types, and ball types. All of these require a unique method to repair.

Toilet Leaks

These are the most common types of leaks in a home. They go unnoticed because the leaks are out of view and silent. The bigger leaks are detected only when the valve starts making a gurgling and hissing sound.

If you want to start looking for leaks start by removing the leaks and inspect the flush mechanism. The water level present in the tank does not have to be more than an inch under the over flow tube. In case the water level is over flowing it could be because of one of the three reasons below:

  • The water level setting is too high, lower it.
  • The float could be defected and therefore not closing refill valve.
  • The refill valve is either worn out to the point of replacement or needs minor repairs.

If you are struggling with some of these problems at home yourself and reside somewhere near Mesa, Scottsdale, Fountain Hill, Chandler or any other adjoining areas, get in touch with Mesa Plumbing Company at (480) 832-1660 for all your water leak repair and replacement needs.

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