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Water is an indispensable part of all our lives. It is a vital resource that we depend on for our cooking, cleaning, and drinking needs. There is no doubt that you would want water of the best quality for your family as water has a significant impact on the health and well being of your loved ones.

Have you ever stopped to reflect on where you get your water from? Even though the source of your water supply varies with the location of your residence, tap water is chemically treated everywhere to eliminate certain microbes and bacteria. Some of these chemicals are still sticking around in your water as you reach to turn your tap on for a glass of water. These chemicals may not be good for the health and well being of your household in the long run.

What’s In Your Water?

You may have been drinking from the tap all your life but it does not take away from the fact that it does contain a number of contaminants, debris, or chemicals that are not seen by the human eye. Below are some of the contaminants that your tap water contains according to the EPA:

  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Viruses
  • Nitrate

The best way to ensure that the water that you get through your tap is free from impurities is to install a home filtration system which can cost anywhere from $1000 to $1700 on average. So if you have decided to take back the control of what goes into your water supply, there are a number of water filtration options available out there that you should be acquainted with before you can decide which one is the best for your specific needs. Installing a water filtration system is not a “Do It Yourself” project either; you will have to acquire the services of a professional in the end.

However, below are some of the options in home filtration that you should be well acquainted with anyways.

Pitcher & Faucet Filtration Systems

Pitcher or faucet filtration systems make the most common and cheapest of home filtration systems for your home. They make use of charcoal filters to remove contaminants and impurities from your water supply. The light maintenance requirements call for the pitcher to be refilled after use, while another method requires a simple faucet attachment. The filters have to be regularly replaced. One major downside to this filtration system is that it does not completely eliminate all the impurities and chemicals from your water. For example, it shrinks the amount of added chlorine in the water which improves the taste. These are particularly known for being affordable and budget friendly options in water filtration systems as the initial outlay in purchasing the system is minimal between $30 and $100. However, it does require subsequent expenditure such as filter changes etc.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

This one offers a more permanent solution for your water filtration needs. The filtration system comes with a tank which is usually installed under the sink. Filtration through a reverse osmosis system requires a pump for best results. During the process, water molecules pass through a semi- permeable covering and most impurities and contaminants are caught in it. It effectively removes almost 99% of the contaminants that are found in you water supply including salts, debris, and bacteria. However on the downside, it also ends up depriving you of the essential minerals in the tap water that the body requires.

It usually makes use of several filters to remove the contaminants. The reverse osmosis filtration system is easy to maintain and is a convenient option for those looking to install a home filtration system. However, the initial installation will definitely require professional work to ensure the system is perfectly installed and works properly. It is said to improve the taste of your tap water significantly.

Carbon Block Water Filters

Carbon block water filters are another option for you if you’re looking for an affordable and budget friendly solution to filter your water at home. This one is easy to install as well, usually sitting close to the sink right on the countertop. This budget friendly option is also a natural and safe filtration system as it retains most essential minerals that are required by the body. On top of that, it also significantly improves the taste of the tap water. However, if fluoride is your concern, then this one might disappoint as it does not remove fluoride from your tap water. Since the system has a small size, it will require constant filling; however, there are models that can hold enough water to last a week.

Entire House Water Filtration

Now that you’re well acquainted with what impurities or harmful substances lurk around in the water supply that enters your house, it is up to you to decide whether to get all your water supply filtered or just filter the water that comes out from a few taps. Full house water filtration will provide a peace of mind as you cook, shower, or drink tap water. Most new ones are directly installed to the main water tank so the entire house is covered and there is no need for the unsightly counter-top versions. However, a filtration system for the entire house is a larger investment, and also one that requires professional services in installation and maintenance. It is, however, important to note that such installations also end up adding value to your property.


All in all, there are a number of options available in water filtration system for your home. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can go with any of the options available. Whether you are considering and under-the-sink system, or whole house water filter system, call Mesa Plumbing first at (480) 832-1660. We will help you find the right system for your specific needs.

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