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All You Need to Know about the Ideal Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning is an important activity that you should perform in order to ensure that your home water service remains in the working order. Your sewer may build up deposits over the course of time and become clogged just when you need them the most in the holiday season. You can use a variety of ways to ensure that the sewers are working perfectly. Here, we share useful information about sewer cleaning that will ensure that you can take care of them in an ideal manner.


This is a common solution for cleaning sewers. You can do it yourself, although a professional would perform it a lot better. Snaking is done by taking a long cord which has an auger attached to its end. The plumber working on your dirty sewer will then insert the cord into your sewer and push it ahead. This will often free up the clog and allow water to freely flow through the drain.

This method works with the common sewer problems. It starts to face issues, when everything is interconnected and the drain snaking starts to become a failed process due to the complexity of the system. The method also becomes difficult to use when your pipes move around too much. You may try this method for sewer cleaning, but will not be able to achieve the performance, which is possible with the next method.

Using Water Jets

There are many ways in which you can use simple, clean water to clean the sewer. The advantage of only using water is that it does not cause any harmful effects. The spray of water can be delivered through a jet technique. This is a technique where you fire high-pressure water which can clean up and remove the clog. However, this is a process best attempted by a professional drain cleaner.

Remember, the use of water in a hydro jet is simply using a fire hose to blast at the things that may be stuck in your drain pipe. It forces water in all directions which usually is good for the common deposits that develop is your sewer pipes. It is mostly performed by professionals because it requires special equipment and expertise to ensure that your plumbing is not damaged by the cleaning.

It often uses an omnidirectional spray, where it is inserted in the sewer and then operated to remove the clog. This process may not be applicable in severe cases where the nature of the clogged drain or sewer means that water alone would not be able to fully remove it. Sometimes, the sewer may be partially cleaned, but once again require a cleaning process within a few weeks because the deposits will travel slowly and once again get fixed in another section of the drainage pipes.

Cleaning Products

Sometimes, you cannot directly tackle a dirty sewer. This is especially true when you move to a new house and you are not sure of the condition of the sewer and the existing drain network. It is an expensive process to remove the entire system, while it is easier to simply make the replacements wherever they are required.

These cleaning products often compose of strong compounds that chemically react to the deposits that may have blocked drains and reduced the sewer capacity to remove the grey water out of the system. However, they can be difficult to use and a stronger than required application may damage your sewer infrastructure. The ideal way to carry out chemical cleaning is to use professional drain and sewer cleaning services and allow them to make the final decision on the best method for the cleaning need.

Outside Sewer Problems

If your sewer is outside, it can be affected by the roots of the nearby trees. This will not only cause a clog, but will also start to destroy the piping and drainage structure. One way to resolve this problem would be to replace the entire system. But this can be an expensive proposition in most cases. Let a professional drain cleaning handle your business where they can resolve these issues and still save your existing sewer, especially if it isn’t that old and is worth the saving effort.

Remember, professional sewer cleaning leaves you free from doubt, where you do not have to worry about the quality of the work performed on your plumbing systems. Usually, professional service providers can remove the roots and other plant stuff from your outside sewers and then give it a complete clean up to ensure that you can continue to get the same level of service that you used to get.

When to Get Sewer Cleaning?

It is time to get your sewers cleaned when they are regularly backing up, even after some use of water in the house. A backed drain clearly indicates that there is a serious problem, especially when you are draining water from a fixture or a tap. Using kitchen or toilets may mean more trouble in such cases, where your sewer line may burst if it is suffering from increased pressure but no draining because of the blocked drains and the sewer.

Another way to decide that it is time to get sewer cleaning is when every drain in your house starts to smell like an open sewer. This happens because the water is not moving at the normal speed and deposits are starting to form all over the system because of the restricted water flow. What you need in such a case is to get professional sewer cleaning service from a contractor that you can depend on to provide the best service in town.

The Best Service

The best sewer cleaning service provider is the one, which is certified and licensed to work on home sewer systems. You need to ensure that you hire someone with an exemplary previous record and the ability to successfully carry out all the activities that may be required for a sewer cleaning project.

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