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Detecting a leak can be task; however, the fixing process can be easy. During the rainy season, water stains can seep across the roof and walls. If you experience such seepages in your home, it is a clear sign of leakage in the roof. So how do you go on about repairing and finding roof leaks? Here, Mesa Plumbing in Gilbert brings you a short guide to help you gain some insight into some of the types of leaks and ways to fix them.

Greater Damage with Minor Leaks

If you ever detect a minor leak in the roof, don’t leave it be! Fix it as soon as possible yourself if you can, or call an expert professional to do it for you. As minor as they may seem, these same minor leaks can be the most devastating if overlooked for too long. Such minor leakages can lead to much bigger problems like the formation of mold, deteriorating wall paint, rusty fittings, rotting sheaths, problems in the heating and cooling systems, etc. Minor repairs, if ignored, can lead to major and expensive repairs, so ensure that you pay attention to even the slightest leak you spot in the roof.

Leak Signs

If you are unable to find the spot of leakage, then don’t back off from your search. Take your time and remove the shingles to inspect them properly. Upon removal, you will find evidence of the roof leaks and you might even be able to track it to its exact source. Discolored shingles and rotting wood is a clear sign of a leaky roof.

When tracking a leak, the first place you should look at is the surface of the shingle for any kind of stain or discoloration. The next step is to look for penetration or hole signs. If tiny items can penetrate from the roof holes, then most likely that is the true spot of the leakage. Definitely, it is unlikely that a leak would start from an uninterrupted and neat shingle. Leaks usually develop when the roof is old or when the shingles have holes in them. Usually the penetration can start from the plumbing lines, chimneys, roof vents, dormers, and any other spot closer to the roof.

If your home has an attic, you can easily track the leaks. All you will need is a flashlight and some time to scan the roof area. However, if you are still unable to find the exact spot of the leak, then call a professional who has the necessary experience. Usually, the helpers will tell you to open some hoses while they wait at the suspected leak spot. Once they see any sign of water dripping, they tell you to turn off the hose and they work on fixing it immediately.

Repair of Minor Leaks

A roof shiner is the ultimate savior. These are small nails that carpenters use to fix the nail. Use a hammer and fix in the suspected roof hole. This helps to stop the water from dripping and you can repair other hoses that are causing the water to drip from the roof. If you still have problems with the repair, then all you need to do is call a professional from Mesa Plumbing in Gilbert and we will rectify any roof leaks.

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