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Air Conditioning Systems Require Care throughout the Year Including in Winter

Air conditioning service is a must for your HVAC system from time to time. It is important to understand that your air conditioning is delivered by sensitive equipment, which needs the best care that you can provide in all weather conditions. Here, we share more information about the typical air conditioning systems, the problems that they may develop over time and the common servicing needs for these systems.

The AC System

Your AC system may be independent of the heating or combined as an HVAC solution. Whatever the case, there are two main types of these systems and the air conditioning service that they need strongly depends on the type of the AC system that you have at your home. Here are greater details of these two systems:

1.Central Systems

The central systems provide the air conditioning service through a network of air ducts that provide an air flow in different parts of your house. These ducts are served from a central point, and may include fans to create air pressure. The treated air may originate from a central heat exchange mechanism, with the compressor placed outside the house at a convenient location.

These systems require servicing to ensure that the ducts are not blocked, the filters are clean and the compressor is producing the required power needed to control the temperature of the entire house. These systems are excellent when they are installed with the renovation or manufacturing of the structure, since it is difficult to replace the parts at later times.

2.Split Systems

Split AC systems are an excellent develop and are great for smaller properties such as apartments. Since they only provide cooling service to individual rooms, they are great at saving energy and are easily installed in any space. They have reduced air conditioning service needs, because the parts are distinct, and there is only a small pipe that carries treated air from the compressor to the indoor control unit.

The split AC systems also have air filters and electrical components. Regular service ensures that everything remains in the working order, even if you are not using them to get cold air during the winter. The ideal service that you provide your split AC systems keeps them functional for an extended period of time and enhances their usefulness.

Air Conditioning Problems

There are several problems that may develop in your AC systems, which then require a periodic service to remove them. Most of these problems have nothing to do with the ambient temperature and will come up due to the natural use of these systems for treating the air for creating a comfortable environment.

Here, we suggest a few problems that should result in you providing air conditioning service to your AC system, despite of the weather conditions.

3.Electrical Problems

Air conditioning systems use electricity to provide a comfortable environment. A wiring fault will mean that the air conditioner cannot offer the intended service. The faults may appear if the wrong circuit breakers were used or a recent work on the property damaged the wire providing power to an AC unit. This is an instance where you may require air conditioning service regardless of the weather.

In fact, if you find a wiring fault during winter, it is better to get it removed before it causes too much problem when you really need the cooling effect. Getting your AC serviced after every few months ensures that you do not face any sudden failures, and can enjoy the consistency from your home utilities.

4.Low Refrigerant Level

Another common problem which may develop over time is a low refrigerant level. You can identify this when your AC is just not producing the required temperature in the right way. Most of the times when the refrigerant level is lowered, there is also a leak in the system which has caused the level to drop. This means that you need to get your AC system checked for leaks and required repairs.

You should find out which refrigerant gas is employed in your system and then the relevant air conditioning service to resolve the problem. The United States EPA website describes the details of the ideal refrigerant gases and what you should do to ensure that your AC system fully complies with the modern legal requirements in the country.

5.Frozen Coil

This is a common problem, especially during the winter months. A frozen coil is unable to work as an efficient heat exchanger and can affect the performance of the AC system. This may happen due to low refrigerant levels or a small leak. The obstruction in air ducts also causes this issue, regardless of the external weather conditions.

You need to receive the ideal air conditioning service to resolve this issue, by cleaning the entire system and replacing clogged filters that are not delivering the required air to the system. A professional HVAC expert can take of this issue by cleaning out the system and ensuring that your AC coils are working again at their optimum capacity to provide an efficient solution.

Professional Air Conditioning Service

Receiving professional air conditioning service is a must in any weather. If you live in Arizona, you already have a mild winter to contend with. You will often find using air conditioning throughout the year. However, this means that you need to get the ideal plumbing support and make sure that you take care of your AC system in an ideal way. This is possible by getting bi-annual service visits from certified HVAC professionals, to ensure that your air conditioning is an excellent order, despite the weather.

In fact, you need to take better care of your system during the winter, as the tough weather conditions may often cause problems that slowly develop into bigger issues which may become too difficult to resolve in the summer months.

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