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Maintaining your home’s basement gets tough in a certain period especially when the drains start to brew up. As a consequence, the fascination of having a basement soon converts to worries of having it. However, there are certain measures that you can take in order to avoid all worries and have a clean odorless basement. In order to achieve that goal, experts at Mesa Plumbing Company have listed down a brief study of your sewer ejection system.

Understanding a Sewer Ejector

A sewer ejector works like a big hole in the ground. This hole contains a special pump that collects all the waste from your home’s plumbing fixtures to the underground collection. From here the used water is pumped to the underground storm drain storage outside the house through grinder pump and sump pump. This is the reason why sometimes you feel a bad odor in your basement for no reason. Sometimes, this waste accumulates in the lines and cause serious stench in the environment. They may even break if they are not properly maintained.

Keeping the System Clean

As long as you are accustomed with the right steps to clean and maintain your sewer ejection system, it causes no problems at all. A few steps to clean the system are listed down:

Never Throw Trash in the Toilet

Many people throw the tissues and other trash in the toilet rather than using a bin. Even though things have gotten modernized and easy, it’s still not likely that your toilet won’t get hurt of you treat it as a bin. The most common articles that flush down the toilet are feminine products and condoms, knowing that they are small enough to pass down the drain. Even if things are small, oftentimes the pump needs to be removed or even replaced if things get clogged inside.

Keep Grinder Pump Drains Smooth

You can keep your entire system run smoothly if you make sure that your grinder pump is clean. There is one home remedy that wouldn’t cost you much money or take much time. Using lemon juice to run down the toilet keeps all the dirt away and removes the grease trap in the lines. You wouldn’t probably need additional supplies of chemicals if you maintain it with lemon. All odors are cut down if the grinder pumps are clean.

Get Yearly Plumbing Services

It is important that you maintain your sewer ejection system on yearly basis. There are certain signs and areas that are left unnoticed. Getting plumbing services once a year is a way to make sure that the plumbing system is running smooth. Plumbers detect minor blockages and leaks through cameras and special devices, which is certainly not a DIY task.

Check the Vent

You will find a local vent with your sewer ejection pumps. This vent connects the drain with the outside pit. Check this place when you sense any problems. Blocking this vent enables odor to stay in the pit and not enter your basement. Make sure that your vent has a rubber lid and that there are seals around the vent line and the discharge.

Follow the measures above and have a cleaner basement of your house. If things go wrong, contact Mesa Plumbing Company in Gilbert, Tempe, Fountain hills, Scottsdale, Mesa, San Tan, and Chandler.

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