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Leaky or dripping faucets are a major annoyance and can cause homeowners tons of dollars because of all the wasted water. While you can always hire a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, it is more convenient to handle this small repair yourself.

In this post, we’ll show you how you can fix a leaky or dripping faucet.

Getting Started

Before you start fixing a leaky faucet, you must turn off the water coming to the faucet. Turn the valve under the sink to stop the flow of water. If the faucet keeps dripping even after the water has been turned off, it means that the problem is with the valve and the faucet is fine. In this case, you’ll have to call a plumber in Tempe, AZ because you cannot fix the valve yourself. If the faucet stops dripping after you have turned off the valve, it means that the issue is with the faucet and you can proceed to fix it.

Get a wrench and cover it with a duct tape to ensure that it doesn’t scuff up the fixtures. Cover the drain with a small piece of cloth to ensure that any parts that you might drop while making the repairs don’t end up in the drain.

Identify the Faucet

There are different types of faucet like ball-type, ceramic disc, compression and cartridge. You must determine the type of faucet you have to make the repairs. Let’s see how different types of faucet are fixed.

Fixing a Ball Faucet

You can pinpoint the source of a leak if you have a ball faucet. If the leak is coming from the base, the O-ring may have worn out. If the aerator or spout of the faucet is leaking, the worn rubber seals may be responsible, or the control ball may have been damaged. You’ll have to get a ball faucet kit from the hardware store at Tempe to fix the leaky ball faucet.

First, you’ll have to loosen the screw with the help of allen wrench and remove the lever handle to access the top cap of the faucet. If the leak is in the base, then tighten the faucet’s locking collar with the help of spanner wrench. Then simply reassemble the ball faucet and check your work by turning on the water.

If the leak is from the faucet spout, then use pliers and remove the top can. When you’ll remove the can, you’ll see a small piece of plastic called cam. Remove it and also remove its waster and the ball assembly. Check the ball for damage. If it is damaged, you’ll have to replace the ball with a new one. Next, remove springs and rubber valve seats with the help of a flathead screwdriver. Then lift up and twist the sprout to remove it. There will be an O-ring around the base. Use a knife to cut it. Then, place a new O-ring back around the faucet’s base. Now, reassemble the ball faucet. If you do everything right, you won’t experience leaks any more.

Fixing a Disc Faucet

If you own one of the newer homes in Tempe, Arizona, chances are that disc faucets are used in your kitchen and bathrooms. Although these faucets come with warranties, they do experience leaks. To fix a dripping disc faucet, remove the faucet lever with the help of an allen wrench. The screw that attaches this lever may be easily accessible and located at the side. Removing the lever will expose the cartridge and you’ll be able to remove it. If the faucet’s cartridge is damaged or cracked, you’ll have to replace it. Take the cartridge to a local hardware store in Tempe to get an appropriate replacement.

If the cartridge is not damaged, just remove the seals and clean them and the cartridge thoroughly with a toothbrush. Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove mineral deposits from the cartridge. Check the rubber seals for damage and if they appear to be damaged, replace them with new ones.

If the faucet was dripping from the neck, replace the O-ring. Finally, reassemble the faucet with the new or cleaned cartridge.

Fixing a Cartridge Faucet

Cartridge faucet is easier to fix than other faucets. If your cartridge faucet is dripping, remove the faucet’s handle with the help of a screwdriver. The screw may be hidden under a decorative cap. Make sure to turn off the water and cover the drain before you begin fixing the faucet.

If the faucet’s cartridge is secured with a clip, you can remove it with pliers and if a bolt is used to secure the cartridge, you’ll have to use a pipe wrench to remove it. After you have removed the clip or bolt, pull out the cartridge.

Note the cartridge’s orientation in your faucet to ensure that you can properly put it back afterwards. Remove the old spring and seat from the dripping faucet with the help of a screwdriver. Lastly, replace the spring and seat and push the seat into the right place with your finger. Apply some plumber’s grease on the cartridge before pushing it into its place. Make sure the orientation of the cartridge is right. Reassemble the faucet and turn on the water to check if the leak has been fixed.

Fixing a dripping faucet in Tempe isn’t too hard. However, it is critical that you fix the issue as soon as possible. If you don’t have enough time to fix the leaky faucet or think that you cannot take on this plumbing task yourself, hire a professional plumber from the Mesa Plumbing Company.

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