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Clogged drains and blocked sewer system is a ticking time bomb that can spell disasters anytime. While a clogged plumbing system is a concern for most homeowners, it can be an even greater cause of concern for commercial facilities.

And the fear is worse when a clogged plumbing system is a recurring and persistent problem. In that case, clearing the blockage must be a priority. One of the safest and most effective ways to eliminate a recurring clogged plumbing system is hydro jetting. Let's look at what hydro jetting is, how it works, and some of the benefits of using it to get rid of clogs.

It is important to note that unlike other DIY fixes for clogs, such as plungers and snakes, hydro jetting is not a DIY solution. You will need a skilled professional who has the experience to deal with clogs using this technique. So let's get started.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a specialized technique to get rid of clogged drains and sewer systems. Typically, the method relies on using a specialized hose and nozzle that will shoot water through your plumbing system. The water force is around 1,500 PSI on average (which can increase to 5,000 PSI depending upon the type of clog). Given its technical nature, only a professional plumber can perform the task.

When water is inserted in your plumbing system which such force, it is enough to dislodge any type of clog, whether it is grease or any other type of clog that cannot be handled using mechanical drain cleaning methods. The force is so extensive and powerful that it can even overthrow tree roots out if they have paved a path inside your pipes.

When is Hydro Jetting Not Recommended?

But this method of cleaning clogged drains and sewer system is not for everyone. Before you go for hydro jetting, you will need a professional plumber who can inspect your plumbing system, your pipes' health, and the nature of the clog. In case your pipes and plumbing system are old and not in good health, your plumber may not recommend hydro jetting.

Moreover, to find out the nature of the clog, your professional plumber will inspect the system by inserting a small camera in your pipes. The camera will give a clear picture of what type of material is obstructing your pipes. Additionally, it will give a better insight into your pipes' condition and indicate signs of damage, if any.

Following the inspection, only a professional plumber can recommend whether hydro jetting is an appropriate method for your plumbing system.

How Does it Work?

After the inspection, if your pipes are in good condition and obstruction cannot be removed using any other mechanical method, your plumber will start with the process.

Your professional plumber will access the plumbing system through a cleanout, an opening in your plumbing system designed to provide easy access to the system. Since they are already aware of the obstruction or the blockage in your pipes after the camera inspection, they would be prepared to insert the specialized nozzle into your pipes.

The specialized nozzle includes several jets that forcefully spray water in all directions. It is through this forceful insertion of water all types of obstruction break, and your pipes are cleaned thoroughly. The nozzle is connected to a hose for water supply. For hydro jetting, the hose is also specialized so that it can deal with such high pressure of water. The hose connects to aspecific type of water tank that pressurizes water through a specially designed machine.

The average water pressure normally used to unclog your pipes is around 1,500 PSI; however, only the plumber dealing with your clogged plumbing system can suggest the right amount of pressure required to get rid of the obstruction. While the camera's insights often serve as a good starting point for determining the pressure, it is also the experience of a professional plumber that matters. For years' grease buildup in a house would normally require lesser force than a grease buildup in a restaurant, and only a professional and experienced plumber can determine that.

Moreover, the health of your pipes also plays animportant role in determining the water pressure. Older and damaged pipes cannot withstand the same level of force as a new pipe in good condition can. Even then, the technique is much safer compared to other mechanical methods used to dislodge a clog.

Apart from the highly pressurized water, hydro jetting also involves the use of gravity. Typically, your professional plumber will insert the nozzle into areas of your plumbing system that are downstream. This allows gravity to take over as soon as you dislodge the obstruction through pressurized water.

5 Benefits Of Hydro Jetting

As mentioned earlier, hydro jetting is one of the safest and most effective methods of clearing an obstruction from your plumbing and sewer systems, even when dealing with an older plumbing system. Here are five other benefits that hydro jetting offers.

Efficient Cleaning

Because the method is so precise, there is no other known way of clearing obstructions in your pipe to perfection than hydro jetting.

Clean Pipes

The method does not only dislodge the obstruction. Instead, it cleans the entire inside of your pipes. And after the process, there are no traces of any dirt and debris such as grease and soap scum on the inner walls of your pipes.

Better Smelling Drains

When your pipes are so clean, your drains are bound to smell better. So say good-bye to smelly drain through hydro jetting.

Safe for Pipes

Unlike other mechanical methods of dislodging clogs, hydro jetting is safe even when you have an older plumbing system in your home or commercial facility.

Saves You from Inconvenience

Hydro jetting may appear to be an expensive solution but think of it the other way.

  • Hydro jetting can keep your pipes clean around four times longer than other mechanical drain cleaning methods...
  • With hydro-jetting, you can get rid of persistent clogs that can be a great stress and inconvenience for the entire family...
  • Your pipes can stay safe and clean for at least 2-4 years (depending upon what you put down the drains)

Then it is perhaps the right thing to do.

If you have recurring drain clogs, do not waste any more time trying DIY methods. Call a professional plumber and find out the best way to deal with your clogs. In Arizona, Mesa Plumbing offers the timely and lowest price guaranteed plumbing services. To find out more about our residential and commercial plumbing services, call now at 480-832-1660.

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