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Most homeowners dream of redoing their kitchens and bathrooms at some point. Both endeavors tend to be costly. However, cost overruns in bathroom remodels can be easily controlled, saving a lot of money. If your bathroom is small, you can easily implement cost-saving techniques and measures to save money. Moreover, you can reduce the cost of a project if you do all the work by yourself.

  • 1) - Don't Change the Layout of the Bathroom

    Bathroom remodeling can be really expensive because it often requires shifting plumbing pipes. It's pricey to move the toilet's flush valve and the sewer pipe.

    The bathroom should only be resized or altered only if necessary to meet your requirements. Costly bathroom remodeling includes moving things that cannot be easily transported. During a redesign, you might change the style or size of your bathroom. However, it would help if you balanced the advantages of the adjustment with the costs.

  • 2) - Assist in Maintaining the Bathroom's Weight

    Load-bearing studs support Second-floor walls. Moreover, structural changes need shifting or eliminating a load-bearing wall. On the other hand, exterior walls carry the majority of a building's weight. It is common to have non-load-bearing walls running parallel to the ceiling joists.

    To expand, look into the possibility of using walls that cannot support the weight. Removing or moving these walls is relatively inexpensive and time-consuming.

    Hire a contractor even if you plan on moving the wall yourself. However, if you are particularly motivated, you can do the task all by yourself. You just need to do a lot of studying beforehand. Materials like laminated beams are relatively low-cost and ideal to finish the job. However, they require a lot of time and effort.

  • 3) - Save the Drywall in the Bathroom

    Bathroom renovations sometimes necessitate removing and replacing drywall because of excessive moisture. Replacement of drywall is a fairly typical occurrence. Therefore, you should plan ahead of time. You should remove mold-infested drywall at your earliest to prevent the spread around the house.

    The more walls you meddle with, the more difficult it will be to close them down. More drywall, paint, and work are required with each wall that is closed up.

    Keep any nice drywall sections you find. Replace the defective pieces. Shower and bathtub drywall frequently requires replacing because it is located close to or behind these fixtures. Don't interfere with other parts of the bathroom that have sound drywall.

  • 4) - Refinish the Bathroom Fixtures

    Existing plumbing equipment, such as tubs and shower bases, must be removed and replaced, increasing the price of the new fixtures. You can either demolish and alter the building's structure or get a new installation – it is entirely up to you.

    Is it purely for cosmetic reasons that you're looking to replace your old ones? You might be able to dress them up or renew them instead of replacing them if they are functional but unsightly. Always consider refinishing these items before replacing them. Go for the latter option if you absolutely have to. Otherwise, you will end up wasting more money than needed.

  • 5) - Repaint the Bathroom

    Repainting bathroom fixtures saves money while also being good for the environment. You don't have to replace your bathtub if you just refinish it completely. You don't have to buy a new cabinet for your bathroom if you just paint the old one.

    A splash of vibrant paint can make a big difference in a small room. It can offer a whole new depth to your bathroom by coordinating your tile work with the rest of your decor.

  • 6) - Install a Bathtub or Shower using a Pre-fabricated Unit

    One of the most expensive bathroom renovations is to tear out a shower base and replace it with a tiled base.

    Instead of a tiled shower, you can use a one-piece stall. Since you won't have to pay for the services of expensive tile setters, you will save a lot of money. Moreover, pre-fabricated showers don't take much time to get installed. They can be ready to use within a few hours.

    Remember that there are several pre-fabricated shower systems that require ample space. They won't fit through small hallways, especially one-piece units that necessitate a large passageway.

  • 7) - Put in Standard Design Toilet

    If your toilet wastes water, you should always replace it with the one that uses less water. Many new toilets have certain features that can be quite expensive. They might also require costly repairs and maintenance costs in the future.

    Only use a high-quality, water-efficient toilet if you have specific reasons for needing one with numerous extra functions. Having a toilet that does its job properly does not require a high price tag.

    Installing a toilet is a common DIY project; however, many homeowners underestimate the task's difficulty. It will save you money in the long run if you install your own toilet.

  • 8) - Preserve the Electrical Circuitry in the Restroom

    Modern electrical codes require that all the renovated bathrooms have their wiring upgraded.

    As long as your wiring is working, you might get permission to keep your system in place. However, you might need to update the code. Keep the electrical wiring in place if it meets your needs.

  • 9) - Get Inexpensive Furniture

    Do you want to give your shabby vanity a much-needed facelift? Try searching flea markets and antique shops for vintage and antique dressers. To hide the plumbing and seal the drawers that must remain in place, you can simply cut out a gap in the wall and place a sink in it or on top of it. You will be the only one using it without paying a lot of money for a generic replica.

  • 10) - Think about Open Shelves

    Bathrooms are private and do not have much space. Open shelves can provide the impression of more space in a smaller area at a lower price than cabinetry. You don't have to keep your personal items hidden away in a dark closet anymore, thanks to a few drawers or covered baskets placed on high shelves.

Final Words

And that's a wrap on 10 tips to save money on a bathroom remodel. Incorporate these techniques into your remodeling endeavor and save a lot of money!

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