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When it comes to plumbing issues around the house, we always try our best DIY plumbing skills to get the job done. Sometimes, we even succeed. However, even though it appears as though the problem has been solved, we wake up at night because of the tip-tap sound of water droplets from the sink faucet or bathroom tub.

This is just one of the signs of a poor DIY job, and it becomes necessary to get the help of a professional plumbing service to fix the recurring issue. Moreover, professional plumbers use certain specific tools that are meant to serve the purpose.

So, if you’re confused about when to reach out for help, here are the 8 signs you need a professional plumbing service for your problems.

8 Signs You Need a Professional Plumbing Service

1) - Burst Pipes

Burst pipes usually occur during the winter season when water within the pipelines gets frozen, causing the lines to burst drastically. This can lead to excess waste of water if not fixed on time. An easy way to identify a burst problem is a bulging pipe that’s under abnormal pressure. However, this issue requires a professional plumbing service to mend the burst pipeline. Moreover, plumbers can also identify leaks prior to a complete burst, which can save you a lot of bucks and unsightly flooding.

2) - Hot Water Failure

Hot water becomes a necessity in colder environments and flipping your tap early in the morning just to find you that you can’t bathe due to no hot water can be frustrating. A general reason for a complete lack of hot water could be a broken heating system or a damaged burning coil inside your geyser. Whatever the issue, you need to contact a plumber to get your system diagnosed and then fixed.

3) - Water Unavailability

It may not always be a problem with your faucet when it comes to water unavailability; it might actually be some serious long-ignored plumbing issue that’s causing your water problems. One of the reasons could be that your faucet has something stuck inside that is causing the blockage, or there might be a hidden leakage that is wasting your water. You might even need to expose your plumbing to discover the root cause. Instead of making a decision solely based on guesses, get a competent plumber to do the work for you.

4) - Blocked Sewers

If you get into the shower and realize that the water isn’t draining, it’s safe to say that your sewers have blocked. The water seeks its way out through the sewer pipe, and if one pipe gets blocked, all of the drains in your home will eventually clog. Typically, a plunger can get the job done, but if not, that’s a serious caveat. Turn off your main water supply line immediately and get plumbing assistance to save your house from flooding.

5) - Back-Flow

Your furniture, expensive carpets, and luxurious woodworks are at serious risk if you’ve got a water back-flow from your bathroom. Not to mention that the back-flow is of sewer water, which will make it difficult for you to breathe because it smells terrible. This happens when your line pressure drops significantly, causing the water to flow in the opposite direction. Thus, to keep your investments intact, call a professional plumber before your furniture is drenched in smelly, dirty water.

6) - Damp Floor

A slightly damp floor may look clean and shiny, but a constantly damp floor may be a sign of an impending problem. If your floor stays damp often, it might be some underground failed pipelines that are calling out your attention. Spotting out the exact point of fault is a professional plumber’s job as it requires leakage detecting devices and tools. Moreover, underground plumbing service might require some basement digging to reach the place where the leak originates.

7) - Running Toilet

Have you put off your flush because of constant water wastage? Perhaps you’ve got a running toilet issue. That’s the case when your flush tank won’t stop filling even after it has filled it to the top due to a broken seal that connects the toilet tank to its diaphragm bowl. When the seal gets damaged, it signals the tank to keep on filling – until it’s fixed. It might be a simple thing to fix if only a few parts need to be changed; otherwise, your plumber can tell with surety if a replacement is the only solution.

8) - Reduced Water Pressure

It can be really frustrating to wait longer than usual just to fill in a small bucket. This is usually an issue when your line water doesn’t flow forcefully because of reduced water pressure. Most of the time, you simply unscrew your faucets and clear out the sediments stuck in the sieves. But this method doesn’t always do the trick. The pressure may drop due to damaged or broken plumbing either in the walls or under the foundation of your house. Simply scrubbing and soaking your faucets isn’t enough to increase your pressure. Therefore, for a permanent solution, it’s good to seek out an expert in plumbing services.

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