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It may be very difficult to spot a slab leak in your home, as it will take some time before they are apparent. But that doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t find it out, before having to deal with a whole flood of problems.

Fixing a slab leak is an easy feat, which is why hiring plumber services in Chandler is recommended if you do discover a leak in your home.

Sign# 1: Moisture under carpeting

This is as obvious as it can get. Evidence of moisture and mildew should ring warning bells, as well as if you notice cracks in tile floors and bubbles in linoleum floors. This is an obvious sign of a leak.

Sign# 2: Unnaturally warm floor in an area

Hot water line leaks are discovered sooner than other leaks, because the hot water makes that area of the flooring very warm to the touch, and thus makes it very easy to discover the exact location of the slab leak.

Sign# 3: Sound of running water

While to some, this sign may be a little hard to notice at first, but listening carefully and attentively you might just be able to make out the sound of splashing and running water, as well as a hissing sound from the hot water line.

Sign# 4: Cracks on your walls

This is a cause for great concern but it’s a sign which won’t be very hard to notice. The slabs fixed on the floors don’t move at all, since they fixed as a single piece. A leak however, will cause the whole thing to shift including the very foundations of your home.

Sign# 5: Low water pressure

Another sign of a slab leak that homeowners mistake for other related problems, is that when the water pressure suddenly drops down. Be open to all possible reasons for a sudden low pressure, but remember that if there is even a tiny leak in the main water line, the water pressure will drop significantly.

Sign# 6: Insanely high water bills

This sign of a slab leak is very easy to notice. Even a pin-hole sized hole in any of the water pipes can result in 10,000 gallons of water leakage in a month! So, if you are still without an idea why your water bills have started touching the roof, there might be a slab leak somewhere.

Sign# 7: Observe your water meter

Although not a sign, but doing this can give you a very good idea if there is a slab leak or not. First, turn off all the faucets, see that the toilet isn’t running, and that other appliances that use water are not working either. Go to where the water meter is installed, and see if the dial is moving or not. If it is, there’s probably a leak somewhere.

Sign# 8: The numbers are climbing up

One other easy way to detect a slab leak anywhere in the house is by first turning off everything that consumes water, than checking the numbers on the water meter. If they still go up after at least a half an hour of complete water shutdown, this could mean that there is definitely a leak somewhere.

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