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Plumbing, a modern-day convenience that most homeowners are accustomed to, still has a lot of myths. And the problem is that these myths can cause more damage to your plumbing structure than good. Today, we debunk X common plumbing myths and share X pro tips so your plumbing system can stay happy and healthy.

Myth # 1: If Your Drains Are Draining, Everything Is Just Fine!

On an everyday basis, if your sink and shower drains are functioning appropriately, it is an indication that your plumbing system is functioning well. Your drains are often the first sign that something may be going wrong with your plumbing system. So if your drains are still draining, upon closer examination, you find out that the water goes down the drain slowly, don’t ignore it just because the water is still draining. It usually means that there is a problem with your plumbing system that you can fix easily if you catch it early enough. While it could be something as simple as a clog, it is best to call a professional plumber and avoid using the affected area until the area is inspected professionally. Only a professional plumber has the skills and experience to figure out the underlying problem and prevent any serious plumbing issues.

Pro Tip 1: Keep a check on the rate at which your sink and shower are draining.

Myth # 2: “In-Tank” Cleaners Are the Best Way to Keep Your Toilet Tidy

The simple to use drop-in tablets that you see on the store shelves are considered to be the easiest and best solution to keep your toilet tidy. While these in-tank tablet cleaners claim to keep your toilet bowl clean, it is not a viable option. These tablets don't clean the scum. Instead, they just bleach it, something that's not enough to keep your toilet clean. As a result, the build-up stays and continues to create a lot of problems for your toilet. Moreover, it eventually creates problems for your plumbing system as the bleach may cause damage your home's plumbing structure.

Pro Tip 2: Never go for in-tank cleaners.

Myth # 3 Lemons Are Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaners

Almost all homeowners love lemon. After all, it is one of the best natural cleaners against several types of stains and adds a refreshing scent to everything; using lemons to clean garbage disposals is a big NO. Lemons do not naturally clean your garbage disposal. While the use of lemon may add a pleasant fragrance to your otherwise dirty garbage disposal, it can damage the blades. Instead of using lemons to clean the garbage disposal, it is best to clean it using warm water, liquid soap, and a brush. In case you have a dirty and damaged garbage disposal system, it is best to avoid DIY cleaning and seek a professional plumber's services.

Pro Tip 3: Lemons are for lemonades, not for garbage disposal cleaning.

Myth # 4 Hot Water is a Great Way to Get Rid of Grease

A very common myth revolves around the use of hot water to get rid of the grease. Surely, the use of hot water melts away the grease and can wash it down the drain. But what happens when liquefied grease gets in contact with the plumbing structure, such as your pipes? When it hits the pipes, liquefied grease cools down and solidifies, and eventually, it builds up. Over time, it can lead to clogs as grease attracts food remains, soap and shampoo, and everything that goes down the drain. These clogs can often not be treated with DIY techniques such as the use of a plunger or drain snake. So you surely need to call a professional plumber and spend a few hundred dollars that you could have easily saved by using cold water.

Pro Tip 4: Use cold water. It keeps your plumbing system healthy!

Myth # 5: Flushable Wipes Are Flushable

You can find a wide variety of flushable wipes on the market but are flushable wipes flushable? Most homeowners think the answer is yes. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Flushable wipes may be advertised as flushable, but the plumbing and sewer system cannot handle them appropriately. As a result, flushable wipes don't break down quickly, block the plumbing entire system and lead to a plumbing disaster.

Pro Tip 5: Flushable wipes are not flushable, so dispose them appropriately.

Myth # 6: Drain Cleaners Are Safe For Your Plumbing System

For most homeowners, the use of drain cleaners is often considered the best way to eliminate clogs. But professional plumbers recommend otherwise. While drain cleaners offer a quick fix to clogs, they contain harsh chemicals that can be quite abrasive to your plumbing system. As a result, the use of drain cleaners can lead to leakages, which then translates into higher water bills and other associated damage.

Are you wondering what to do instead?

Pro Tip 6: Use a drain snake or an auger to get rid of the clog instead of harsh drain cleaning chemicals.

Myth # 7: Plumbing Jobs Can Be DIY

One of the most common plumbing myths is that most plumbing jobs can be DIY. Homeowners have easy access to internet resources where they can learn to solve every plumbing problem. Unfortunately, solving plumbing problems is not always that simple. While you can watch and learn, you still lack the technical knowledge and experience of a professional plumber, which can work to your disadvantage. But undertaking plumbing jobs DIY, you can end up doing more damage to your plumbing system.

Pro Tip 7: In case of a plumbing problem, always call a professional plumber.

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