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Most often, we see water leaks as redundant issues that only require professional plumbing services in case of a complete failure. However, these seemingly harmless water leak signs can turn into big problems if overlooked for a longer period of time.

Small leakages are only small initially; over time, they can strip through your walls and let the water drain into your living room, or it can damage your faucets and pipes permanently. It’s usually the case that we leave the leakages unnoticed, which worsens the problem even more.

So, it’s always advisable to call a professional plumber to get any possible leakages fixed to avoid any sudden mishaps because even if they look smaller, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are the 6 small water leak signs that call out your attention and need professional plumbing service:

6 Water Leak Signs That Require Professional Plumbing

1) - Ceiling Stains and Spots

If the corners of your ceilings and walls contain yellowish stains and dark spots or water drips through your rooftops, these are the signs of broken PVCs or cracked pipelines. This is, undoubtedly, a problem that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Ceiling stains and spots could lead to hazardous situations such as mold and mildew problems, rooftop and ceiling collapse, and drywall repair expenses that can be incredibly expensive in the long run. So, whenever you notice ceiling stains and spots, it’s best to reach out to an experienced plumber for an on-time inspection.

2) - Dripping Faucets

One of the most common water leakage issues in almost every house is the dripping faucet. People tend to think of it as it’s just a few drops, but these few drops need to be stopped before you need to replace your faucets entirely. These few drops can leave permanent stain marks on your floor tiles, and you might also end up paying extra when your water bill comes around.

Common causes of dripping faucets can be mineral deposits on the inner parts of the faucets, defective washers and gaskets, or corrosion. This issue is commonly a DIY fix, but if you feel that you can’t handle it yourself, immediately turn off the water line and contact a plumber to get that fixed for you.

3) - Toilet Water Leaks

We often overlook the water flowing into the toilets, which is due to draining flush tanks that have been overfilled. This typically happens when your diaphragm ballcock valves stop operating, and the float ball does not stop the water from filling. Hence, the flapper constantly releases water to drain.

Fixing smaller parts such as flapper or float is not a big deal, but that’s not always the case. The problem may be coming from the water lines; thus, a proper check will be needed. This problem is mostly ignored, and we end up permanently closing the flushes due to heavy water wastage. To make sure your sewers have no issues, get your flushes checked without any delay.

4) - Underground Water Leaks

Underground leaking pipelines are one of the most difficult-to-catch issues, which require underground digging and floor-breaking to reach the leakage points. Sometimes, they can be misleading; you might see a spot on the floor, but the problem might be somewhere else.

Underground plumbing issues might be due to many factors, such as age-old rusted pipes, improper installation, breakage due to heavy hitting, thawing and freezing PVCs, leaking valves or joints, or high water pressure. Even if the fault is small, the digging is where you lose money. Therefore, before you are told that your tiles need to be ripped off the floor, contact a professional plumber if you have underground water leaks and get the issue diagnosed as soon as possible.

5) - Impure or Smelly Line Water

If you feel your line water has little remnants of dust and mud particles, or it smells of rust and has changed its color, this might be the sign of badly damaged water pipes either at your home or at your supplier’s place. Drinking or making use of water that has impurities can be harmful to your health and may damage your skin. Furthermore, it can also destroy your faucets and those pipes that haven’t caught rust yet.

A skilled plumber will run a pipe leak test to determine the cause of this problem and might suggest that you get your pipes replaced in case of serious damage. This is usually the case with old houses because they used to have copper and steel pipelines that are prone to catch rust and get damaged over time.

6) - Smelling Sewer Lines

It’s not only the water pipelines that can cause problems; a pungent-smelling sewer line is equally chaotic if it is neglected for a longer period of time. Sewers are made to drain water, but if you notice a foul smell in your toilets, sinks, or bathtubs, that’s probably because of the leakage or clogged sewerage line.

Experienced plumbers can spot the problem with a special sewer leak detector device that is helpful to locate the leakage points or parts that have been damaged deep within the toilets and sinks. Also, when water doesn’t find its way out in the sewer, it can lead to the buildup of an odd smell where there is a high chance of bacteria proliferation. Thus, do not let the smell pass unnoticed.

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