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By the end of 2025, more than half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed parts of the world. Moreover, 1.8 billion people are expected to be living in regions with absolute water scarcity. Water scarcity is a major concern but having access to clean drinkable water is an equally important concern. According to statistics, only 71% of the world population has access to safe drinking water that is considered safe. Globally, 1 in 3 people do not have access to safe drinking water. The numbers are terrifying, and so are the conditions in Arizona.

Water supply in Arizona comes from multiple sources, including the Colorado River, Salt River, and Verde River reservoirs. However, due to the lack of freshwater sources, the water is often contemplated for its taste and quality. Moreover, tap water in Arizona is extremely hard and is loaded with several potentially dangerous pollutants. Together all of this can affect your health as well as your plumbing fixtures. If something can help improve Arizona's water quality, it is nothing else but an efficient water filtration system.

Let’s look at six reasons why you need a water filtration system in your Arizona home.

Removes Solid Pollutants

Perhaps the most obvious and fundamental reason why you should have a water filtration system in your Arizona home is that it removes solid waste. Arizona water contains several undesirable things, including debris from water, dirt, silt, and clay. Filters are an effective way to get rid of all types of solid pollutants. Several types of filters are available that can stop the flow of solid particles in the water that flows into your home. You can choose a simpler mechanical filter or go for more advanced options such as UV water purifiers. Regardless of the type, a water filtration system is essential for getting rid of solid pollutants.

Filters out Potentially Dangerous Bacteria

An efficient water filtration system will allow you to eliminate all potentially dangerous bacteria and harmful pathogens that can cause diseases. Since we cannot see them microorganisms from the naked eye, we are often unaware of what our drinking water contains. We only realize when we get infected by water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, giardiasis, or other gastrointestinal infections.

With a water filtration system installed at home, you can easily get rid of almost all potentially dangerous pathogens and bacteria.

Reduces Level of Chlorine

Tap water in Arizona contains a good amount of chlorine. The municipal authorities heavily rely on the use of chlorine to improve water quality. However, too much chlorine in water can affect the taste and smell of drinking water. Moreover, it can react with other heavy metals present in Arizona water and form compounds that can be dangerous for human health.

Installation of a water filtration system is the best way to eliminate all the undesirable aspects of chlorine. An efficient water filtration system can reduce the smell and flavor of chlorine from your drinking water.

Enhances the Taste of Water

There are several things that people do not like about the water supply in Arizona, with its taste being one of them. While bad tasting water may not necessarily pose health concerns, it is often the most obvious water quality indicator. If you are also experiencing this problem in your Arizona home, we recommend you go for a water filtration system installation. Water filters are specially designed to remove all visible and invisible contaminants from your water supply, which can significantly improve the taste of water.

Protects Your Plumbing Fixtures

Water hardness is a major concern in most Arizona cities, and a constant supply of hard water can damage your plumbing fixtures. Hard water can lead to calcium deposits in your plumbing fixtures, including your pipes and water heaters. This in turn reflects in terms of low water pressure and damaged water heaters that require a lot more repair and maintenance. Moreover, this can cause limescale deposits on your showers and other sanitary fittings.

Hard water can also damage your appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. When you have a water filtration system installed in your house, you can protect your plumbing fixtures. While most people go for a simple under the kitchen sink filtration system, going for a whole house water filtration system is a better choice, especially if you live in Arizona. Having a whole house water filtration system can significantly reduce your plumbing expenditure due to premature damage and repair.

Is More Affordable

Tap water can be a major saving if you compare it to the cost of bottled water. The latter can be quite a huge expense, especially if you have a larger family size. When you have access to filtered and clean water, you don't need to spend all the extra money on purchasing bottled water. Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in a water filtration system for your home. While it can cost you initially, in the long run, you will end up saving.

If you are living in Arizona, Mesa Plumbing has a solution to all your water filtration needs. Whether you want a whole house filtration system or an under-the-sink water filtration, we offer installation of all types of filtration systems. And if your existing water filtration system needs maintenance, we are just a call away. To find out more about our services, contact us now at 480-832-1660.

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