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5 Necessary Plumbing Services for Restaurants

Restaurants require strong plumbing services, because they represent an environment where water supply and adequate drainage are extremely important. There are various plumbing services for restaurants that are required in different stages of the business. Also, there are different types of restaurants; each with their own specific plumbing needs.

Here, we explain the important plumbing projects for food businesses and the advantages that you get, when you hire an experienced plumbing contractor to get these services.

Important Projects

Although every plumbing project in a restaurant is important for the healthy functioning of the business, here we discuss some common plumbing services that every restaurant is bound to get during its working tenure.

1.New Installations

The most important of the plumbing services for restaurants is the installation of new equipment. Restaurant businesses have to often expand, in order to accommodate an opportunity for growing the business and bringing an enhanced service level. This is only possible by installing new equipment in their kitchen and the supporting elements, such as the water supply,heaters and other plumbing elements.

Installing new equipment is an important project, because restaurants have to follow strict legal conditions. They may lose their license if the equipment is not installed properly and causes hazardous conditions in an already tough working environment. It is important that restaurant owners understand the need for performing the best installations.

This is possible when a commercial plumbing contractor is included in the decision-making process. An experienced contractor in Arizona can help you take the ideal decision, if you share them your business requirements. This consultation process will ensure that you end up with new installations that follow the industry guidelines, while still providing the best value for money.

2.Plumbing Repairs

Repairs of various sorts are necessary plumbing services for restaurants. Because these are premises where the gas and water supplies are used extensively, it is normal to assume that breakdowns are bound to happen. These repairs must ensure that the restaurant not only gains the same level of performance as was available previously, but in fact, enjoys an improved performance in the future.

With the extended water use, it is common to suffer from a reduced water pressure, a leaking water fixture, or a gas burner not working properly. These are all the problems, which often require general plumbing repairs. The difference when repairing restaurant plumbing is that greater working standards are required, in order to ensure that compliance and safety in the work environment are always available through the delivered repairs.

The best plumbing repairs happen when restaurants first get their systems analyzed from a reputed commercial plumbing contractor. Such an analysis may find out the additional plumbing repairs which may be required to ensure that the restaurant is compliant with the applied standards, as well as maintains its high level of safety in the working environment. Good repairs certainly ensure that restaurants maintain a high level of hygiene for servicing their customers.

3.Installing Sewers and Drains

Restaurants use a lot of water, food supplies and other packaging materials. This means that they produce a lot of wastewater that must go down the drains and then get exchanged to the municipal system through the sewers. One of the required plumbing services for restaurants is the compliant installation of the drainage system, which includes drains and sewers.

The drains have to be properly planned and installed in such a manner that they can quickly put the wastewater out, without reducing the pressure. All the drain pipes must ensure that they are ventilated, otherwise, the trapped air can cause backflow, which may result in a clogged drain and wastewater spilled on the restaurant floor.

The sewers should also be installed with care, as they usually require cleaning from time to time. One way to get this project done is to formulate a service plan for the sewers and drains at the time of the installation. This will ensure that you remain protected in the future as well, when the installed sewers and drain require a regular service.

4.Grease Traps

Grease traps are among the common plumbing services for restaurants. They are devices which are often termed as grease intercepts, and are designed to trap solid waste from entering the traditional wastewater disposal system, which consists of the drains and the sewers. The wastewater in restaurants can contain large amounts of solid waste, due to the involvement of food and oily ingredients.

It is important to separate this layer in a restaurant because the normal waste treatment facilities cannot handle a concentrated scum layer. To stop discharging untreated wastewater can be a legal problem and a compliance issue for a restaurant, and grease traps help ensure that high standards of wastewater disposal can be maintained.

Commercial plumbing contractors understand the importance of installing grease traps for all the appliances and kitchen equipment that may work with grease and oily products. Removing these products from going to the sewer improves the situation at your restaurant and ensures that your business complies with the OSHA standards.

Grease traps separate the deposits, which can then either be treated or discharged in a compliant manner, through a special sewer which remains separate from the other drainage facilities present in the premises. This ensures that your plumbing is not damaged and clogged with oily deposits which may cause the workflow in your restaurant to break down in a significant manner.

5.Gas Lines for Kitchen

One of the plumbing services for restaurants is the installation of supporting gas lines for kitchen extensions. Restaurants can only improve their services if they improve their infrastructure and expand their capacity to offer better food to their customers. This is possible by creating a new kitchen, which is more efficient and contains the ideal utilities, such as gas and water. The new gas lines provide better safety in the workplace and also allow the kitchen workers to produce their best performance.

Hiring a commercial plumbing contractor is essential for the best plumbing services for restaurants. Mesa Plumbing Company excels at carrying out these necessary projects and provides the best support to food businesses.

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