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Drains are the most critical plumbing component in a household. The utility of a functioning drain is often underestimated. While clogged drains is a common plumbing problem in households, it also appears to be a trivial one. However, this is not true as nothing can hamper your day quite like an unexpected problem of the drain. A clogged drain is a serious plumbing issue which can result in leaks in other parts of your house. Apart from damaging your plumbing fixtures, it can also pose a serious health risk to everyone.

On a positive note, clogged drains can be avoided. With regular maintenance, you can get avoid this serious plumbing problem. Here are 4 important things you need to know about your drains. Also we have highlighted red flags which could indicate a potentially serious problem with your drains.

No. 1: The Drainage System in Your Home is Complicated

It is true that the drainage system in your home is complicated. In fact, it is more like a tree. The main line of the drainage system runs under the floor vertically. But it is connected to all the plumbing fixtures in the house horizontally. So in case, there is a clog, whether in the horizontal branches or in the main vertical line, the drainage system of the house will get affected. However, the severity of the impact varies. If the clog is in the horizontal lines, the impact will be limited to a certain area of the house. However, if there is clog in the vertical drainage line, the entire drainage system of the house is likely to get affected.

Also there is a difference in how the drainage system works compared to the water supply system. The supply system depends on pressure whereas the drainage system works using the force of gravity. This is the reason why all the fixtures associated with the drainage system are turned downwards.

Possible Red Flag # 1: If the drain in your house is not clogged but you can hear a gurgling sound, It is an indication that a clog is forming in the main drainage line.

No. 2: Drains are Different from Trash Cans

At home, it appears to be tempting to use the drainage system as a trash can. As you do the dishes, it is highly likely that you will dump the grease and other remains of the food down the drain. However, you need to be extremely careful about what you are dumping in your drains.

In the Kitchen

If you pour in grease, it will definitely form a clog in your drains. A better solution is to collect all the grease from your plates, pots and pans and dispose it properly. Also, starchy foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes can also result in a clogged drains. So use a strainer while rising them in the sink. This is a fool proof way to avoid starchy food from getting clogged in the drains.

In the Bathroom

It is important to remember that the only thing which you can flush in the toilet is a toilet paper. Flushing down anything other than toilet paper, such as toys and cement, can clog the toilet and create serious problems in your house.

Possible Red Flag # 2: A variation in the water level of your toilet can indicate a blockage in the pipes.

No. 3: Take Care of Your Drains by Using Screens and Stoppers

It is very common for hair, soap and shampoo to combine and result in a clog in your bathroom drains. Once formed, these clogs keeping getting bigger and harder until you get them treated with a professional plumber. The best way to avoid formation of such clogs is by using screens over the drains. This will prevent the hair and soap from getting into the drains and prevent the formation of clogs.

Also by placing a stopper in your bathroom sink, you can attract all types of debris and prevent it from entering the drain. However, you will have to remove it regularly and clean it.

You can also install a catcher in the drain connected to the washing machine. This will help prevent any possible backups and associated problems.

Possible Red Flag # 3: If you notice any water pooling in around the basement drain, it is an indication of a clog in the main drainage line. In that case, immediately contact a professional plumber.

No. 4: Clogged Drain Can Quickly Turn into a Disaster

While many people think that slow drains and clogged drains are not a major problem, always remember, that they can quickly turn into one. There are various DIY techniques which are commonly used to treat clogged drains but they can actually worsen the problem. This includes use of chemical drain cleaners. The harsh chemicals in drain cleaners can damage the pipes in the long run. Also this is just a temporary solution for clogged drains. So if there is slow or clogged drain in your house, do not wait until the problem worsens. Instead, contact a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Possible Red Flag # 4; If your drains are slow and you notice the smell of rotten eggs or garbage, this is an indication of the formation of a major clog.

Clogged drains is a serious plumbing issue and it needs a professional to resolve this issue. If you looking for a professional plumbing company which can resolve all the issues with your drains, contact us. Mesa Plumbing Company has been serving various cities of Arizona since 1949. We offer regular and emergency plumbing services, at an affordable rate. Need a drain repair? Visit our website or call at 480-832-1660.

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