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Picture this. As you turn on the shower and wait for warm water, you realize you are standing in an inch of standing water. The plug is open and nothing is covering the drain. You just have a clog in the drain.

At some point in time, every homeowner experiences the problem of clogged drains. A clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom can make your toilet, sink, or bath tub completely useless. To solve this problem, most people rely on DIY techniques. They use plungers to see if they can dislodge the clog and get the water moving. When this does not seem to work, some people use chemical drain cleaners.

Though the chemical drain cleaners and other similar products make it seem as if drain cleaning is a simple, DIY task, in reality it is not. A drain clog can be a simple collection of grease, hair, and shampoo but at times, it can also be indication of some larger underlying problem which requires professional assistance. Therefore, instead of relying on pipe damaging DIY techniques and drain cleaners, it is best to turn to a professional plumber for help. They have the right tools and experience to permanently solve the problem of clogged drains without damaging your plumbing fixtures. Here are a few reasons why fixing a clogged drain is not a DIY task and you need a professional plumber to completely restore your drainage system.

DIY Techniques for Clogged Drains are Less Effective

Often, people rely on DIY techniques when they face the issue of clogged drains. They either use a mixture of soda, vinegar, and boiling water, a plunger, or chemical drain cleaners. Though these techniques can prove to be effective in the short run, they often fail to provide a permanent solution to the problem of clogged drains.

This is because all these techniques can clear the drain but fail to completely remove the obstruction from the plumbing system. As a result, the drain can clog again. To permanently solve this problem, you should contact a professional plumber. They have the tools which can help them identify the size and location of the obstruction. Using the right tools and techniques, they can completely remove the obstruction leaving your drains clean and free flowing.

DIY Techniques Cannot Handle Emergencies

Every plumbing problem is a plumbing emergency. Whether you have a clog or a minor leak in a plumbing fixture, it can turn into a plumbing disaster in no time. A minor clog in your toilet or drain can create serious hygiene issues in the house. It can create unsanitary living conditions which can affect the health of your family members. Also, a clog in the shower drain or toilet can quickly lead to flooding. No one wants their house to get flooded, especially with sewer water. In fact, it is a situation which everyone definitely want to avoid.

Since a plumbing problem can quickly turn into a plumbing emergency and most homeowners are not trained to handle such situations, it is important to seek services of a professional plumber. They are available 24/7 to deal with all sorts of plumbing emergencies. Even during the holiday season, they can help resolve your plumbing problem before it turns into a plumbing disaster.

You Might End up Doing More Damage to Your Plumbing Fixtures

DIY drain cleaning techniques can damage your plumbing fixtures. Since most homemakers do not have the skills or training to treat plumbing fixtures, they might end up doing more damage to the plumbing fixtures when treating clogged drains.

Also, the chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous for the plumbing system in the house. They contain strong acid or alkali which intends to dissolve the clog. Though they are advertised to be completely safe, these strong chemicals can damage the plumbing fixtures. The damage is more intensive if you repeatedly use these chemicals.

The solution to this problem is relying on the services of a professional plumber. They use appropriate tools to locate, dislodge and permanently remove the clog without damaging your plumbing fixtures.

Some DIY Techniques Are Bad for the Environment

The use of chemical drain cleaners is not only damaging to the plumbing fixtures but is also bad for the environment. Chemical drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals which can dissolve in the water. When they go down the drain, these chemicals may contaminate the groundwater.

The chemicals from your drain cleaner enter the municipal water supply and undergo a treatment process but the toxic effects continue to pollute the water and wetlife. Thus the chemical drain cleaner you use to unclog your drain can have toxic effects on animals, plants and water. It may also contribute to smog which is another major environmental concern. To save the environment, you can contribute by seeking services of a professional plumber. They will not only permanently solve your problem but will do so without damaging the environment.

Professional Solution for Clogged Drains

If you are repeatedly facing the issue of clogged drain, do not try DIY techniques. To get a permanent solution of this problem seek professional assistance from plumbing professionals at Mesa Plumbing Company. We have an industry experience of over four decades and with a team of qualified and experienced plumbers, we can provide all sorts of residential and commercial plumbing support. Whether your drains are clogged or your sump pump is damaged, our professional staff is available 24/7 to help identify and solve all your plumbing problems. To know more about our services, visit our website or call now at 480-832-1660.

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