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4 Quick plumbing fixes every land owner must know

When it comes to rental properties, whether commercial or residential, plumbing issues are often the most frustrating for to handle. The best way to tackle them is solving them with the help of DIY methods to save your time and money.

Following are the most frequent plumbing issues that a landlord should be aware of.

5 Common Plumbing Issues

Leaky Taps

There are two possible reasons for taps that leak. First, the nuts of taps may have become loose. This can be resolved by tightening it with the help of wrench.

Second, the circular washer inside the tap has become exhausted and needs to be replaced. The replacement of a circular washer is not difficult; first, close the handles beneath the sink and turn off the water. Now, remove the tap handles by opening the nuts. You will see an old washer inside the tap. Change it.

Blocked Showerheads

This issue has an easy solution. First, insert toothpicks inside clogged holes of the showerhead to remove any dust particles stuck in the pipe. Second, dip your showerhead in a bowl filled with vinegar, and leave it for a few hours or overnight. Vinegar dissolves minerals and will unclog the showerhead.

Water Leaks

Leaky Pipes

Repairing a leaky pipe without professional help is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible as well. To repair a leaky pipe on your own, first close the major water tap and deplete the water using taps downstream. Additionally, you can place a chunk of rubber on the leaking joint and use a fix to grip it in place; or you can try using a patch kit (easily available at many plumbing stores).

Plunger image

Blocked Toilets

Most of the times, tenants get annoyed due to stubborn choke, which leads to blocked toilets. Ask them to wait for 10 minutes to let the water flow get lower to a downstream. Now, ask them to cover the hole completely with suction cup’s nozzle, achieving a good seal before plunging resolutely and slowly. If it doesn't work, the next step is to use a drain snake.

What if you fail to fix plumbing issues?

One call to professional plumbing services can make your life easier. Licensed experts are not only trained in repairing leaky pipes, they also excel in other commercial plumbing services as well such as water main taps and services, water main installations, backflow valve repairs, trenching, planning and permits.

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