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A lot of homeowners love being able to make basic repairs around their house. After all, it is an amazing skill to have when you are good with the things around your house. It saves you a lot of time and money going back and forth on the phone with professionals to come in and do the job when it is not even a big problem. That being said, some homeowners are a little too eager to repair everything by themselves. Some problems cannot be resolved as a simple DIY project. They need the kind of expertise and training that professionals have to get it done right.

Plumbing tasks are extremely problematic to deal with. When it comes to plumbing issues, many homeowners do not have the knowhow, expertise and tools to address fix them. This also includes the people who are used to doing handy work around their house. At Mesa Plumbing, we encourage homeowners to be more active about their home’s needs for repairs and resolving them, if they can. However, we also believe that there are some plumbing issues that you will only make worse if you try to deal with them without any proper training.

Here is a good look at the plumbing tasks that you should leave to the professionals at Mesa Plumbing to take care of.

1) - Sewer Repair

Sewer Repairs

Sewer repairs are distasteful. It is the kind of plumbing task that people are eager to let other people handle. You would not believe that there are a number of people that we, at Mesa Plumbing, have dealt with that tried and failed to fix their sewer lines themselves.

The thing with sewer repairs is that it is not just an unpleasant job, it is also something you can make a lot worse if you are not absolutely sure about what you’re doing. What seems like a simple leak in the sewer line could actually be a bigger problem somewhere else in the sewage line. Without the proper experience like the technicians at Mesa Plumbing have, you will not be able to figure out the actual root of the problem. A misdiagnosed sewer line repair job can make things a lot worse than what it was to begin with. You won’t just be calling us to fix the initial problem but to repair the mess that you made as well.

2) - Water Heater Issues

Water Heater Issues

Homeowners should make sure that they conduct regular maintenance and cleaning of their water heaters. Anything besides routine cleanliness and maintenance of water heaters however, is something that professionals like Mesa Plumbing should deal with. When you work with a heater, having expert skill and knowledge is critical. You are dealing with a source of electricity, water and probably even natural gas. Even one mistake can result in catastrophic consequences for you and others around you.

Coupled with that, homeowners may not have adequate tools to deal with water heater repairs. Instead of putting yourself and others around you at risk, let the professionals come in and handle your water heater. The technicians at Mesa Plumbing have the right tools, the experience and the expertise needed to handle water heater repairs. This is not a plumbing task that you should take lightly. There are just way too many stories about water heater accidents that make a DIY repair a serious risk.

3) - Replacement or Repair of Pipes

Whether it is a gas line or a water pipe, you are not supposed to try and replace or repair them yourself. Period.

Sewer Pipe

Sure if there is a loose fixture in your plumbing, you can tighten up the pipes yourself. Anything beyond that should be something a professional should come in and take care of. Calling DIY gas line or plumbing repairs risky is an understatement. If you do not have the right tools for repairing or replacing the pipes, you are putting yourself and everybody else at risk.

Improperly replaced or repaired water supply lines can result in leakage. The resulting leakage can cause water damage in your home. This means that in order to avoid paying a plumber to repair something relatively simple, you will end up paying a contractor to come in and repair the water damage. Oh and you will also be paying a plumbing company to come in and repair the pipes which caused the problem.

Improperly repaired or replaced gas line pipes are a whole different issue. Gas leakage is not something that will just cause structural damage to your home, it can be lethal. There are so many people that have passed away due to gas inhalation. Do not end up being a statistic because you thought you were capable of dealing with the gas line problem yourself.

Mesa Plumbing strongly recommends leaving gas line repairs to professionals.

4) - Multiple Occupancy Buildings

Fixing Plumbing

In multiple occupancy buildings, most of the states have declared it illegal for any amateur repairs to be carried out. No matter how good you are at plumbing work, you cannot deal with plumbing issues yourself. There are other people that live in the building as well and if you mess up the repair job, you are putting a lot of other people at risk as well.

Yes, you can carry out the odd fixture tightening here and there but if you’re even the slightest bit unsure about something, stop wasting time and call in a professional for repairs.

The Professionals To Leave Your Plumbing Issues To…

If you’re living in the state of Arizona and plumbing problems have come up, you are in luck. Mesa Plumbing Company is always at your service to deal with plumbing and gas line problems in your residential or commercial building. We’re a family-owned business that has been working closely with a lot of homeowners to provide comprehensive plumbing solutions.

For any plumbing issues that you need a professional for, just dial (480) 832-1660. We’re going to handle the rest.

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