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If you want to get purified water that is crystal clear, filtering the water is an easy way to accomplish this task, without you having to spend money on purchasing bottles. However, are you aware of the different purification methods? Do filtration pitchers work as well as whole or under sink house models? How sure are you that the system is really filtering out clean water? Here are three tips that will help you in selecting the right water filtration system that will best be suitable for your home and family.

Know what Impurities Are in Your Drinking Water

Before you decide to choose a particular filtration system, you have to know exactly what it is that you want to remove. If you want to know the quality of water, you can always get a copy of your area’s annual water quality report from your water utility board. You can also decide to test the quality all by yourself, by either using a testing kit for homes (you can purchase this from any home improvement store), or simply contact a local laboratory. All you really want to confirm at the end about the quality of the water is whether it contains lead, but if you are able to gather additional information about the quality, that’s always a plus.

Learn More about the Common Filtering Methods

  • Reverse Osmosis: This method of water filtration works in a reserve manner, just as the name implies. In this method, the natural flow of water is reversed, which passes through a semi permeable membrane. However, you should be aware that this method leads to the wastage of water.
  • Carbon Filter: Usually, activated carbon is present in under sink filtration systems as well as water filtration pitchers. These filters (carbon filters) work by trapping any contaminants that are present in the positively charged pores (a highly absorbent filter).
  • Distillation: This method is all about the collection of steam. Distillers heat water to their boiling point and then the steam is collected as it condenses, leaving any impurities behind. However, this method doesn’t get rid of some contaminants that can convert to their gaseous forms.

Purchase an NSF Certified Filtration System

When you head out to shop for a filtration system suitable for your home, ensure that it is NSF certified. Seeing the NSF seal clearly means that the system or product has undergone reliable tests that actually tackle any form of contaminants that the system claims to remove.

Installing or purchasing new filtration systems is not the only task you have to consider. You always have to ensure that you change the filters regularly. Changing them every now and then helps to keep everything running smoothly. Changing the filters according to the recommendation of the manufacturer is the best way to ensure that water is being cleaned properly.

For the best filtration systems and their installation, you can always contact us at Mesa Plumbing. Our services are available in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Apache junction, and San Tan.

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