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Reem is a renowned American manufacturer of HVAC equipments, water heaters, and boilers. The company has experience of nearly ninety years in this field, which has also allowed them to build a good reputation among their customers for excellence in all facets of this industry. They are famous especially for their innovative solutions for water heating, particularly the tankless Reem heater. These not only have great power conserving ability, but are also eco-friendly and convenient to use. If you want to know more about the advantages of these ground-breaking water heaters, read on below to know why they make an ideal choice for homeowners.

1. Hot Water 24/7

The best advantage of using these water heaters is that they offer hot water continuously all round the clock, no matter what time of the day or night you decide to use hot water. This is serves best especially in cold winter days.

The principle behind water heating in these heaters is that water first gets heated as it flows through the entire system. It is a very simple system that starts once you turn on the water spigot for hot water. Signals are sent to the Reem tankless water heater and soon hot water flows out. You can always control the temperature from the control board that comes with the heater or set it on thermostat, which regulates the water temperature automatically.

2. Convenient and Easy to Use

This product comes with a compact size, suitable to fit in small spaces. They hardly ever take up more space than that required for its components. The convenience is further taken a step ahead as these heaters have digital display features that show the maintenance codes and temperature settings. They come with control boards, which enable you to control multiple other units. Depending on the water heating requirements, you can easily control 6 to 20 units. Without break-offs and above 9,480 feet sea level, these tankless heaters can operate efficiently.

3. Energy Efficient Heaters

We are all aware of the fact that energy costs keep increasing and this why we need to use products that are designed for low energy consumption. Tankless Reem water heaters are highly energy efficient, mainly because of their advanced condensing technologies, which make use of exhaust gases to reheat the incoming cold water. This helps to make the product not only very energy efficient than the older products, but also a more energy efficient one compared to the other ones available in the market today.

The electronic controls also help to increase their energy efficient qualities, as well as their safety features. It is advisable that you purchase the energy star qualified Reem tankless water heaters, because they are 95% more energy efficient than the conventional stainless steel ones available in the market.

Tankless Reem water heaters are eco-friendly and reliable alternatives compared to the traditional water heaters. If you are searching for new water heaters that deliver hot water 24/7, cut down energy bills, and save space too, contact us at Mesa Plumbing and our highly skilled staff will install the system for you.

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