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Hair can create big mess in the bathroom by blocking water flow in the drains. It can be frustrating to see water reaching your ankles every time you run the water.

If you’re wondering how to prevent hair from clogging drains, then here are some practical ways to do it yourself in easy steps.

Prevent Hair from Clogging Drains

1) - Cover your drains with mesh screen

Mesh screens are a simple and efficient tool that can protect drains from swallowing dirt, debris, soap scum, hair, and everything that blocks the water flow. It can be bought from any hardware store and installed at the top of the drain using a plumber’s putty. Make sure to clean the mesh screens on a periodic routine to prevent water from standing.

2) - Use a sink strainer

Asink strainer is a piece of metal with little holes to let water pass through, blocking hair and dirt from preventing its way to the sewers. Its round bottom sits at your sink’s drain hole and accumulates all the debris at the center. After using, you can take it off and reuse it after cleaning.

3) - Use a softener sheet

A softener sheet is a porous fabric that is placed atop the drain to trap hair and debris over its surface. However, you should only use if your drain is covered, otherwise the sheet might get sucked down and block water passage.

4) - Reduce hair accumulation

Combing and brushing hair in the shower area can cause hair accumulation; thus, clogging drains. Make sure to gather any loose hair that you see over the drains and don’t ever throw them in the sewers to prevent jamming your pipeline.

5) - Avoid messing up your drains

Cleaning your drains frequently can save you money in the long run. Make sure to clean your sink pipes every month because simply cleaning them from outside may not be enough. When hair passes through the sinks, they can get stuck inside the pipe, messing up your drains. Simply unscrew the drain pipe and take it off. Wash it thoroughly from the inside out and clear out the dirt. This way, water will easily make its way to the sewers.

6) - Use vinegar and salt water solution for added safety

Sometimes reaching dead ends in the drain may not possible to clear up hair clogs. However, this is an easy job for vinegar. Vinegar has acetic acid that is a powerful cleaning agent. Simply pour down a large bottle of vinegar to your drain. Don’t run the water for about 15 minutes and let the solution stay. Now, run down hot water for a while and repeat the process after every 2 to 3 months to clean drains thoroughly.

7) - Rinse drains with hot water

A weekly hot water rinsing routine will smoothen the pipes and remove any grime that gets built up that gather hair and clog the drains. Take a cup of hot boiling water and pour it down the drain. Make sure to only pour hot water directly into the drain pipe to avoid risking or damaging the surface finish of your shower or tubs. Also, exercise care while handling boiling water and use kettle to pour it down.

8) - Use salt water

Take your home salt and pour a couple of tablespoons directly into your drains. Now, add a quarter cup of white vinegar on it and leave it for about one hour. Next, run hot water in the added mixture and repeat the process frequently for better results. Furthermore, if you’ve got heavy clogs that won’t go with steps shown above, you may also add a quarter cup of Borax with salt and white vinegar.Besides, some people don’t like the smell of vinegar in the drains;hence, you can also use lemon juice in place of vinegar.

9) - Try baking soda and apple cider

Baking soda and apple cider are very powerful at cleaning hair clogs. Take a cup of baking soda and add the same amount of apple cider solution. Mix them well and pour on your drain. Leave it undisturbed for a while and don’t get startled if you notice foams appear out of your drain. Now, flush your drain by pouring hot water until the foams have disappeared. You may repeat it if you feel the drain needs more cleaning.

10) - Use a drain cleaner

If nothing works out for you, you may use a commercial drain cleaner. Make sure to read the user manual before using it and don’t overuse it. Drain cleaner may cause corrosion, so get rid of water thoroughly after using it. Drain cleaners contain Lye or sodium hydroxide that removes stubborn chemicals and hair clogs by softening the hard debris and other organic matter inside the drains.

11) - Use bleach

This should be the last option if nothing works out for you. You can utilize bleach but don’t use it more frequently; use it only once a month. Pour nearly a cup of bleach into your clogged drain and leave it for about an hour. You should be mindful while using bleach because it can also damage your bathroom’s finish and may even fade the color. Moreover, if you’re plumbing is old and fragile, avoid using bleach as it can severely damage the pipelines.

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