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The biggest concern of a homeowner is whether their furnace needs repair or in some cases, a replacement. This is a genuine concern because having to replace a furnace at the eleventh hour may not be a very feasible task. On the other hand, it is advisable to use your furnace until its very last minute.

In general though, the average life span of a furnace is around 15 years and you must aim to keep it until that time. However, if you are to do that, it is essential that the furnace is properly maintained. This is not just a precaution. It is, in fact, crucial for the life of your furnace.

Therefore, you are advised to keep looking for warning signs indicating that the furnace is in need of a tune up. If neglected, even small problems can end up shortening the lifespan of your furnace.

Here are a few signs for you to look for in order to increase the lifespan of your furnace:

1. Neglected or Ignored Furnace

Just be honest with yourself and ask when was the last time that you had asked an expert HVAC technician to check your furnace for general defaults? If your answer is something above a year, then you should definitely go for a maintenance check. If nothing else, the filter of your furnace will definitely be in need of replacement. The ideal practice is to have the filters changed every month.

2. Accumulation of a water pool around the furnace

There are two materials that can leak from a furnace—gas and water. Although water leakage is much less risky than gas, it still needs to be fixed if you want the house to remain warm. Identifying this issue is not hard as pooling water under or near the furnace is a classic sign, which is hard to miss. Since fixing the problem requires a complex mix of plumbing and HVAC expertise, it is better to leave it to the professionals.

3. Smell of Gas

For the identification of a gas leak, you should keep your sense of smell ready. Unlike a water leak that you can see clearly, a gas leak is detected when you smell the gas. If you smell gas, then the first thing you should do is shut off the furnace. Then open the furnace and turn off the gas supply valve. Never ever make the mistake of lighting matches near the furnace and call for an expert plumbing professional immediately.

4. Hearing Strange Noises

If you hear weird noises and think that the source of the noise is your furnace, then that is the clearest sign that your furnace is in need of repair. Something is definitely amiss with your furnace if it is making banging, thumping, and scraping noises. The noises will not go away on their own and you must call an experienced technician to take care of it.

5. Faulty Thermostat

An ineffective thermostat is easy to detect since you will have to turn it higher and higher in order to keep the house warm even a little. This means that the furnace is in definite need of repair. The real function of the thermostat is to inform the HVAC system how much heat is required and when it should stop working and this means that the furnace has a problem that needs the help of a professional.

6. Air Blowing Weakly

Sometimes, the furnace faces a problem where the flow of the air suddenly turns from freely moving to coming out from the vent with difficulty. This signal is a huge warning sign and might indicate a variety of problems ranging from small problems with the fans to huge problems related to motors ad belts. Therefore, it is essential that you opt for an experienced technician to have the problem inspected.

7. An unexpected rise in the utility bill

A sudden increase in your heating bill that does not go with your usage rate is an extremely important indicator that your system is in need of repair. This can be indicative of several problems including faulty ducts. In some cases, it becomes rather difficult to figure out what exactly is the problem with the system. Therefore, you should hire the services of a professional company.

8. Cold Air

If you realized that your furnace has suddenly started blowing cold air in place of warm air, then that is definitely not a good sign. The major issue that could be the reason behind this problem is issues with either the pilot light or thermocouple. In some cases, both can be at fault as well. Both of these systems are complex and require the expertise of a professional when dealing with them.

9. Constant or Frequent Cycling

If you notice your furnace cycling rapidly while constantly switching on and off, then it means that the furnace is working and running faster than what is normal. This problem may be a result of improper air circulation, clogged filters, and complications with the thermostat. Just like the various other problems that might occur with your furnace, this one must also be dealt with care and a professional technician should be called.

10. Aging

Another major reason that your furnace might stop working properly is that of aging. If your furnace is older than 15 years, then chances are that it is simply time for you to change it. What can add a few more years to the life of your furnace is to opt for proper maintenance. However, when you realize that a certain limit has been crossed, then you must go for a proper replacement.

Do you know what keeps you comfortable, allowing you to cuddle and snuggle on an average winter night? Yes, that is your furnace! Life may not be easy without a properly functioning furnace running to keep your house warm.

Do you think your furnace is in need of maintenance or repair? Hire the services of Mesa Plumbing in the Arizona area.

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