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Don't be alarmed if you are dealing with a plumbing problem at your home. This is because plumbing issues are fairly common and can be easily taken care of if you approach a professional plumber. The following is the list of plumbing emergencies that you might experience without any warning:

  • 1) - Leaking Faucets

    Listening to a dripping faucet all night is the worst nightmare. A typical plumbing issue is a leak, especially in older or original plumbing fixtures in a home. As the faucet ages, some components begin to loosen or wear out.

    Leaking faucets aren't necessarily an emergency. However, they might cause major difficulties in the future if they are not fixed quickly. Mold, rust, and excessive water bills have been linked to leaky faucets.

  • 2) - Clogged Drains & Sinks

    Running the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom and seeing the water level increase well above what is deemed normal is not something you want to experience. This is a common indication that your sink is clogged.

    A little obstruction will cause the sink to drain slowly. On the other hand, if a major obstruction occurs, it will prevent the sink from draining any water at all. Your regular activities, including cooking, cleaning, and even basic hygiene, are seriously disrupted when a sink is blocked.

  • 3) - Blocked Drains

    The toilet is the most frequently used plumbing appliance in a home. As a result, they are severely damaged. A clog is the most common cause of a problem with your toilet. From flushing non-flushable goods to using a toilet that can't handle them, clogs can be caused by anything. When an uncontrollable amount of water overflows, the toilet refuses too flush. This is a sign of a blocked toilet. You can use a plunger to clear minor clogs. However, you should immediately call a skilled plumber for serious clogs or deep jams if the situation worsens.

  • 4) - No Access to Hot Water

    You don't want to relive the unpleasant shock of turning on your shower and being blasted with ice-cold water. A water heater malfunction, a burst pipe, or an electrical fault are the most common causes of a shortage of hot water.

    Sometimes, your utility provider is responsible for the problem. In any case, if you are experiencing cold water coming out of your hot water tap, it's time to call a plumber.

  • 5) - Leaking Water Heater

    Leaks and drips are more likely to occur when your water heater gets older. There is a good chance you have got a leaky water heater if you see water pooling around it. If you observe water trickling from the pipes or hear water dripping, it is clear that your water heater is leaking. Therefore, you should have emergency repairs completed as soon as you notice a leak in your water heater. This is because the wasted water might raise your water costs over time.

    If you call a professional, they will fix the problem or replace the water heater entirely. It's better to replace an old or rusted water heater than to fix a minor problem like a dripping valve. Either way, the plumber will comprehensively examine the device and inform you of the best long-term solution.

  • 6) - Bursting Pipes

    When water freezes inside a pipe, it expands, causing it to split. This is especially common in the winter months. Other variables that can cause a burst pipe include old pipes or pipes made of particular materials that are brittle.

    A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency because the water that leaks from the pipe can be quite damaging to your home. Get in touch with a professional plumber immediately if you discover wet stains on your walls or a significant surge in your utility bill.

  • 7) - Constant Flushing

    Is your toilet sounding like it's constantly flushing? If that's the case, you are probably dealing with a burst pipe. However, even while a running toilet will not harm your home, it can significantly increase your electricity costs. A running toilet can use up to 200 gallons of water every day.

    The most common reason for a running toilet is a worn-out flapper valve, which allows water from the tank to flow freely into the toilet. Sediment buildup can also be a cause of running toilets. If you reside in a region with hard water, you are more prone to experience this plumbing emergency. Call a plumber. They can evaluate your toilet to find out what's wrong before repairing it to stop water waste.

  • 8) - Insufficient Disposal of Garbage

    Garbage disposals allow you to flush food scraps down the kitchen sink drain. Garbage disposals aren't in every home and those that do tend to have more frequent clogs in the kitchen sink. However, the waste disposal can become clogged from time to time.

    Non-organic waste, running the disposal without water and grinding tough and fibrous items like corn husks and potato skins are the most common causes of garbage disposal clogs. A plumber should inspect your garbage disposal if it no longer grinds food, does not work, or emits scary noises when it is running.

  • 9) - Excessive Wear on Fixtures

    As with all mechanical devices, plumbing fittings have a finite lifespan and will cease to perform properly. To maintain your plumbing system functioning properly, you should replace your faucets, shower heads, valves, handles, and fixtures on a regular basis. Leaks, breakage, and water waste are more likely to occur as the age of your fixtures.

  • 10) - Clogged Sewer System

    A clogged sewer is a living nightmare for the vast majority of homeowners. Many drains in your home can back up with raw sewage if you have a sewer problem. The toilet, bathtub, and kitchen sink get blocked, which can create a messy situation. Blocked sewers pose a major hazard to your health and safety. It can be quite unpleasant to deal with.

Final Words

And that's a wrap on plumbing emergencies. Fortunately, if you recognize the warning signals, you can contact the Mesa Plumbing Company before things get out of hand. You should notify them if you notice a sewer-like smell coming from the drains, clogged drains, or gurgling toilets.

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