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other plumbing services

Mesa Plumbing does a wide range of other services also. We pride ourselves on being a "Full Service" plumbing company. We’re not happy until you’re happy! Whatever your plumbing needs are, call Mesa Plumbing today and we will take care of you! Other Residential and Commercial plumbing services we offer include:

Preventative Maintenance Services - With regular plumbing maintenance, problems are caught earlier, when the solution is usually simpler and less expensive.

  • Test - house water pressure, incoming water hardness, water softener output hardness, fire sprinkler bell, anti-siphon valves, RO system pressure & TDS
  • Adjust - Hot water tank temperature, circulation pump timer, loose fixtures, thermostatic shower valve temp. range, pressure charge RO system reserve tank, loose fixtures
  • Flush / Clean - Hot water tank, fire sprinkler lines, sink sewer traps, sink aerators, shower head
  • Replace - Hot water tank anode rod, RO filters, refrigerator ice line filter, shower head
  • Inspect - water / gas leakage (inside, outside, toilets, faucets), hoses (toilet flex, washing machine), fire sprinkler heads

gas piping

Gas Piping - Natural Gas & Propane - Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, Lamps & Lighting, Back-Up Generators / LP Gas, Gas Leak Detection, Dryer / Water Heater / Stove & Oven Connections, and Pool Heaters

Mobile Homes - Mesa Plumbing has worked on 1000's of mobile homes - anything done in a house can be done in a mobile home.

Sump Pump & Well Services - Cleaning, installation, service and repair... don’t be left underwater!

water heaters

Hot Water Tanks - Installation, preventative maintenance, replacement.

Sewer & Drains - Installation, cleaning, inspection, replacement.

Garbage Disposals - From a simple jam to a complete replacement of a leaky, broken unit.

water filtration

Water Filtration - Whole house filter systems or under the sink units.

Repiping and Remodeling - We are experts in repipes and new construction / remodels.

Did You Know?

Your home’s incoming water line water pressure regulator can go bad with our hard AZ water and should be checked regularly? Street water pressure might be 100 - 140 PSI, while your fixtures and hoses in the house are only rated for about 60 - 80 PSI.

The regulator reduces the pressure in your house to about 50 – 55 PSI. If the regulator fails to regulate pressure, then you have excessive pressure on pipes, hoses, water softeners, RO systems, ice makers, toilets, etc just looking for the weakest part to break and start flooding your house (obviously while you’re not there).

Gas Leak Emergency?

If you have a Gas Leak Emergency - Leave the House and Call 911 and Southwest Gas at (877) 860-6020 - 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

Plumbing Emergency?

If this is a Plumbing Emergency...
Please call our office directly at
(480) 832-1660
24 hours/day - 7 days/week

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